The Eiffel Tower

Ah, La Tour Eiffel, the ubiquitous image of Paris.  When I saw it in the distance en route from the airport to the train station during my first visit to the city, it confirmed I was really there.  My visit to the Tower site would not occur for many days, but its view was indelibly etched in my mind.

The Tower is visible from much of Paris, not surprising for a structure that's nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters) tall in a city with topography that's relatively flat.  Occasionally, the view is obstructed by buildings or trees, but one is never more than a few blocks away from a view of the Tower.

On the site, I was most intrigued by the architecture and engineering of the structure itself, especially since it was constructed over 125 years ago.  Details were fascinating, at times amusing, and other times odd.  From a distance, the scrolls on the arches aren't readily visible.  The conductor mannequin on one of the lifts was pretty funny.  And, while honoring Gustav Eiffel, the engineer for whom the Tower is named, the bright gold bust near one of the base pedestals is a bit odd.  I was disappointed renovation and construction were underway during my visit to the Tower.  Perhaps regrettably, I'd become a bit accustomed to the condition, as construction and / or renovation were underway at many of the places I visited while in France.  It ended up being a minor distraction, as given the enormity of the structure scaffolding here and there ended up not being an issue.

When making images, one of our challenges was to "think outside the postcard", something fairly challenging at a place so well known.  So, I tended to focus on details and different perspectives.  I couldn't help myself, though, and had to grab at least one "postcard" image of the Tower.  It's a spectacular site.

There are many different ways to view the stunning beauty of the Eiffel Tower.

There are many different ways to view the stunning beauty of the Eiffel Tower.