This has been an epic winter in the area in which I live, with more snowfall since record keeping began in the 1880's.  The typical pattern is a few inches of snow, followed by temperatures above freezing, eliminating the snow.  That has not been the case this year.  The current snow cover has been in place for many weeks, augmented a few days ago with an event that piled on another 18 inches / 46 centimeters!  It feels like I'm in the US Midwest, where I grew up!  So, although I had another set of images queued for the site, I decided to defer to the season and post some winter images.

The typical weather here pattern doesn't present a lot of opportunities to photograph snow.  It's often a small amount and / or very wet and sloppy.  I had spent virtually no time trying to photograph snow, and know a large amount of white in a scene is very challenging to capture.  I set out to experiment and see what happened.

A beautiful copper beech tree  (Fagus sylvatica)  laden with snow.

A beautiful copper beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) laden with snow.